Thursday, February 14, 2008

Architectur-hell-y Designed

while the rest of us surfed and sunned, J12 got very busy making this sand sculpture at the beach.
it's inspired by one of his fave book series, and has all sorts of intricate bits'n'pieces.

Hellgrind, which the people of Drasleona worship, is like a big granite clump of spikes dumped close to the banks of Leona Lake. The spikes are so thin and tall that you can only fly up to it with a dragon or a Lethrblaka (giant bat). When Eragon travelled to Drasleona in search of the Ra'zak (a creature that is stronger than a human and is nearly impossible to kill), they ambushed him just outside the city. Now Eragon thinks that the Ra'zak have a lair in Hellgrind.
I really like the Eragon series and I keep wishing that I was in the adventure of it.

story (as dictated) and photos: J12


  1. kaylee4:30 PM

    is this a kid that built this i must ask???????

  2. k.l.
    yep, this gorgy kid is our twelve year old lad who has the creativity of Leonardo da Vinci and the patience of Job.
    he spent ages dripping very wet sand through his fingers to make these stalagmite-shaped sand cones.
    and the structure even had a lake (provided by the incoming tide).
    pretty cool imnsho X

  3. F-R-E-A-K-Y cool Mr J12. I watched Eragon the other day, cool flick.
    Convince that mother of yours to take a trip down here (or hitch a ride with Deb), black sand makes the BEST creations, plus we have loads of excellent driftwood...its a sculpturers paradise :o) xxxx

  4. wow how tall is that???

    just read Hays comment and tell your mum she could make a pitstop here for a night or two

  5. hay
    J12 has been explaning all the differences between the BOOK and the MOVIE lol... yeah, that Deb sure is a traveller X

    the sculpture rose nearly up to his knees! X

    hay and jen
    i am feeling a Road Trip coming on, we really need to check out That Educational Facility aka Te Papa and make sand castles and generally
    h.a.n.g. o.u.t.

  6. WOWZA!!! That is awesome! Great job, J12 :)

  7. Oh okay thank you for that answer :)

  8. Oh wow, that really is amazing. I must show it to my sons - all they ever do is dig holes on the beach (which I then fall into of course). It might give them some ideas although I doubt they could produce anything as awesome as that.


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